This service is for Wholesale Customers only (restaurants, retailers, non-profits, buying groups).

About Us

What is growers Station?

We are Prince Edward Island growers who, with the help of PEI’s Certified Organic Producer’s Cooperative (COPC), have come together to pool our intellectual resources and create PEI’s first cooperative food hub.

As we get started with this initiative, Growers Station will begin by serving our local restaurant and food wholesale community – a market that, typically, has been a tough nut to crack for most independent farmers.

We may farm different products but we pretty much all came to it for the same reasons … we love making great food.  But that takes a lot of time and a lot of effort which doesn’t leave much room for marketing to and communicating with our local chefs and retailers who are also quite busy with their own food love affair.

By working together and with the assistance of the COPC we are able to focus our marketing and sales efforts which frees us up to focus on our very important part of the Island’s food puzzle … production.

We do hope to be able to extend this service to the general community in the future … please stay tuned.