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Canoe Cove Honey

Jennifer and Mickael Jauneau
“A source of amazing local products! Yum!”

We are Mickael and Jen, a couple of bee-loving wanderlusts who met in the Australian outback, got married in France, and then bought a honey farm on a far-flung island in Atlantic Canada.

When we swapped out our backpacks for bee suits, little did we know that our biggest adventures were waiting for us on Prince Edward Island.

Today, we are caretakers to 350 colonies of bees and two tiny honey-loving humans.

For us, Canoe Cove Honey is more than just a business, it’s a way of life that aligns with our values.

Through our beekeeping, we honour nature and strive to contribute to a healthier planet. Building a more sustainable food system is very important to us and we work in partnership with our incredible bees to do just that.